Welcome to TG Services

Is your business facing challenges that are stretching your team, costing you time and money or allowing your competition to gain market share on you? We have worked on efforts for small local businesses to global 50 enterprises. We view no opportunity too small for our firm. All efforts regardless of size or scope are treated with equal care and respect. All businesses have the same challenges, the magnitude and scope of the challenge are the only difference.


Our services team has a broad experience base in application design, development, maintenance and deployment. This expertise spans technology platforms ranging from large enterprise server environments to small business single PC configurations.

We have the experience to meet your business needs, no matter what the size or complexity. Whether it be social media enablement, a web site, a new application or some special device integration, we have the skills to solve your challenges.

We are committed to quality through consistency. We use a common Delivery Methodology across all of our efforts whether a development or consulting project. This assures our client a common and consistent approach to solving their challenges.


Our consulting expertise comes from decades of experience working with small local businesses to large multi-national firms. We have provided advice and counsel on business start-ups, turn-arounds and steady state operations in a vast array of functional areas. We have a proven track record of helping individuals at all levels of a business to solve challenges or to create the “next new thing”.

The TGS consulting team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds in executive, technology, operation, product, marketing and financial management. This includes having owned and operated various small businesses over the years. They are not just big business guys …as many consulting firms tend to be focused. Let us help you with the challenges that face your business by bringing this expertise to service your needs.

Our Team

The team at TG Services can bring to your challenges, a team of individuals with a vast wealth of expertise in executive, process, marketing, sales and technology that can assist you in achieving your goals.

Our team’s skill sets range from executive leadership to execution expertise. We have worked in the board room to the stock room on efforts for clients. We have assisted in large global product offering design down to sacking purchases at the end of the checkout lane to help our client be successful with a new location opening.