TG Services’ Delivery Methodology

TG Services (TGS) delivery methodology consists of working with our clients to develop a Statement of Work (SOW) with defined deliverables and an agreed upon schedule.The client and TGS joint SOW describes clearly the following:

  • Scope of the work to be performed
  • Deliverables to be completed
  • Schedule for the effort
  • Roles of all the parties involved in the effort
  • Communications and status process
  • Cost to be incurred for the effort
  • Change control process

If additions or changes are required we utilize a pre-defined Change Control Process (CCP) so our client and our team understand the new requirement and any impacts to the schedule. This methodology is part of the firm’s commitment to projectization of all our efforts internally and externally.

Every SOW is converted to a project plan overseen by a project manager whom will track, manage and report to the client on its progress. The approach allows us to assure that efforts are delivered on time, on budget and without surprises to the client or to our team. This allows us to mutually have the highest opportunities for success and reward.

Our project reporting method is to report to the client on an agreed upon schedule of status reviews of our joint efforts. We recommend no less than once a week depending upon the scope and duration of the effort. Status reporting is done utilizing the same format every reporting cycle as to maintain consistency of communications and time spent explaining new formats. This reporting can be done in person, by telephone conference or utilizing video conferencing (this is defined in the SOW).

TGS’ experience has found the no matter how small or large a client’s requirement is, the utilization of a defined and repeatable process of execution under the umbrella of good project management disciplines results in high quality and best cost solutions.

We have worked on projects of various time durations ranging from a week to multiple years. No effort is to small for us and all are treated with equal care and respect. Our preferred method is to “carve off” a piece of a project or the full effort, take responsibility to deliver it and to get the job done. We do not specialize in staff augmentation as this tends to diminish our abilities to utilize the team synergies for rapid delivery of our clients’ solution.

Project Experience

Our project experience is as diverse as it is broad in nature. Clients have various needs within their business and we have been engaged at various levels in a business to address those needs.

We have vast experience with large corporate enterprises as well as an equal amount of experience with small businesses and start-ups. All businesses small-to-large have the same needs just on varying levels of magnitude, because of this our team adapts and adjusts to fit the need.

For the small business or start-up we are able to bring our large corporate experience to the table that allows them to make use of this expertise to assist them with a broad knowledge set. This facilitates them being able to receive perspectives, “tribal knowledge”, and techniques earlier in their life cycle that can deliver benefits to them now rather than waiting for years to gain that “tribal Knowledge”.

For the medium to large business we bring the experience of have worked with that scale of client and can integrate rapidly to the processes and culture within those enterprises. We also bring an expertise gained in working with other clients of this size that can benefit our clients in the area of best practice. This client set can also gain benefit for our experience with small businesses in leveraging the knowledge and attitude of more rapid adoption of change. It has been our experience that large businesses have benefited numerous time from small business innovation in that the latter is not encumbered by the “we have always done it this way” syndrome.

Our team has worked on projects as follows:

  • Rapid deployment of websites for small businesses
    • Splash page strategy, development and deployment
    • Graphics art development and photography
    • Blog
    • Marketing and customer traffic generation
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Medical and Dental Offices
  • Moderate complex website and backend application integration for order and membership management
    • Associations
    • On-line retailers
    • Training and education provider
    • Self-content management
    • Online payment processing
    • Shopping cart management
    • Medical office and claims
  • Highly complex web based applications for freight and passenger management
    • Major class 1 railroad
    • Major motor freight carriers
    • Leading airline fare aggregator
    • Major small package carrier
    • Shipment tender, tracking and tracing
    • Supply Chain Integration
  • Information Technology Governance Processes and Implementation
  • Process control integration and management
    • Aquaculture
    • Car wash operation
    • Automated warehousing
    • Vehicle Based
  • Financial Systems
    • Quick Books deployment and integration
    • SAP R2 & R3
    • Real World®
    • Expense report management
    • Process re-design and implementation
  • Operations Management
    • Order Management (OMS)
    • Fulfillment Management
    • Customer Service Management (CSM)
    • Warehouse Management (WMS)
    • Supply Chain
    • Workforce Optimization
    • Learning Management (LMS)
    • Organizational Change Design and Management
  • Customer Oriented Management Systems (COMS)